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Year 7

In Geography you will:

     Investigate place through the study of a range of fantastic geographical locations.

     Explore the concept of development by comparing the local areas with that of Ghana.

     Develop core skills through the study of Chocolate Bean to Bar.

Year 8

In Geography you will:

     Develop your travel writing skills through an individual country study of your choice.

     Explore the structure of the earth and how plate tectonics can lead to severe impacts on the planet and its population.

     Investigate how and why the UK’s weather and climate varies from place to place.

     Complete a country study of Brazil looking at social, environmental and economic features of this vast nation.

Year 9

In Geography you will:

    Investigate both Human and Physical disasters and their impact on both people and the planet.

    Compare the lifestyles, landscapes and geographical policies within the UK, China and Japan.

     Develop awareness of what Extreme Climate locations are like and how these unique areas are being threatened by local, national and global actions.

     Explore the coasts of the UK and how both Physical and Human processes affect these areas.