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In English you will build, develop and improve upon your literacy and grammar knowledge through a varied curriculum that mixes language and literature. This means that you will cover the skills of reading, analysis, writing and speaking and listening every term.


You will continue with independent and guided reading through the Accelerated Reader programme throughout KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9). This programme will help you to determine which books you should read based on the level of challenge they will present; it will also give you feedback on how your reading is going through online quizzes. Some students will also have the opportunity to participate in Read Write Inc, a catch-up reading programme designed to enable students to rapidly increase their reading age.


In your first year at Broadlands Academy your English programme will look like this:

·      Dickens’ world: here you will explore some of the best known Dickens’ characters and get to create your own Dickensian style masterpiece

·      An exploration of Shakespeare’s The Tempest

·      Develop your skills as a story writer, through the study of narrative techniques and texts

·      Create and experience a wide range of spoken voice and performance poetry

·    Travel through place and time; an opportunity to explore sci-fi fiction and non-fiction travel writing by creating your own country (anywhere in space and time) and promoting it through a range of non-fiction texts.

·      Share the renowned Historical Fiction novel, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas


Moving into Year 8 at Broadlands Academy, your English programme will look like this:

·     Explore the world of Extreme Sports as a basis for creative first person writing and textual analysis

·     Continue the study of literature and Twentieth Century history through shared reading of John Boyne’s novel, The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

·     Delve into the writing of Shakespeare through a series of whodunit investigations

·     Read and deconstruct a wide range of modern crime poetry

·     Travel back to the Nineteenth Century with Sherlock Holmes through the distinctive Murder Mystery writing of Arthur Conan Doyle.

·     Enjoy Twenty-first Century drama through the 2007 West End favourite Noughts & Crosses


In your final year ahead of your GCSEs, your English programme will look like this:

·     Discover the world of Hollywood and writing for film through a Film Studies taster unit

·     Develop your understanding of British drama through the Willy Russell’s modern classic, Blood Brothers

·     Explore the unforgiving world of the American West in the 1930s through John Steinbeck’s  Of Mice and Men  

·     Take a trip through the vaults of historically controversial literature through a study of a series of one-time banned books from authors including George Orwell and              Chinua Achebe

·     Experience the shock of war first hand, as depicted in the great war poetry of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century


In English lessons you will be expected to do plenty of Speaking and Listening. You will discuss texts and ideas in pairs, small groups and as a whole class. You will use role-play and performance to help you to explore the meaning of texts. You will also have lots of opportunities to be creative and produce a range of different styles and forms of writing, for different purposes and audiences.



GCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature

GCSE Film Studies


Extra-curricular activities and clubs:

Film Club

Writing Club

Shadowing the CLIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children’s book awards


Doing well in this subject will help you:

The good use of the English Language is vital for all jobs and careers, so we ensure all our students are challenged to achieve the highest grade possible. A good grade in English Literature is also invaluable for all careers that involve evaluating and analysing written documents and texts. 

This year 95% of Year 11 students made 3 or more levels of progress in English and 84% left with a Grade C or higher.