In Year 7 we begin by looking at the basics of how music works by exploring musical elements and traditions. Music is taught in tutor groups at this stage.

Topics covered:

·         Autumn Term 1: Voiceworks

·         Autumn Term 2: Instruments of The Orchestra

·         Spring Term 1: Rhythm and Pulse

·         Spring Term 2: Folk Music

·         Summer 1: Form and Structure

·         Summer 2: Chord Charts and Ukulele

Voiceworks Scheme of Work for Term 1

We start by exploring the voice, developing pupil’s ability to explore the voice through singing a wide range

of different types and styles of songs, and developing their ability to sing music in two (or more) parts.

 Beginning with Call and Response songs, pupils learn to sing in pitch and in time as a class and in groups. 

This develops into an exploration of Rounds where pupils explore the effect of two or more pitched notes

sounding together – harmony – and the affect that this has on the vocal texture of the music. They sing rounds and compose simple melodic phrases that are put together to form a round composition.

 Pupils explore songs experimenting with melodic ostinati and learn to sing part-songs in harmony with an increasing awareness of the roles of different voice parts (SATB) developing their technical musical vocabulary.  Finally, pupils develop an awareness of the voice as an instrument exploring the way the voice can be used as a vocal percussion instrument, beatbox and rap.  Throughout the unit, pupils listen to a variety of genres of music featuring different types and styles of singing to allow them to learn to differentiate between different solo voices, different vocal ensembles and relate sounds to a particular style of singing and chanting.

Year 7 Skills:

·         Developing a sense of pulse and rhythmic awareness.

·         Building vocal confidence.

·         Creating and developing musical ideas through composition and improvisation.

·         Using traditional and non-traditional notation to read and write music.

·         Developing keyboard skills.

·         Communicating ideas and opinions using musical vocabulary.

·         ICT – to create, manipulate and refine sounds.

Year 7 Assessment:

·         Individual, small group and whole class performance – recording.

·         A range of listening tasks relating to topics

·         Composition work relating to topics covered which are assessed using departmental criteria.

Types of Homework:

·         Research or revision on topics, composers, instruments and styles.

·         Evaluations of performance.

·         Learning words for concert song performances.

Books/Resources/Web Page references:

·         Curriculum material compiled by department.

·         Departmental Vocal and Instrumental Arrangements.

·         Video clips downloaded from YouTube and other online resources

·         DVD and CD resources appropriate to topics.



Performing in Christmas and Summer Concerts

Opportunities to perform in Assemblies and other School Events

Individual and group performing in Keynsham Music Festival

Qualifications: GCSE Music at KS4

Extra-curricular activities and clubs: (All in MU2)

Rock School – Wednesday after school

GCSE Coursework Catch-up – Monday after school

Choir – Thursday Lunchtimes

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