In Drama you will have the opportunity to build your confidence and develop other important lifelong skills, for example, working in collaboration with others and problem solving, through a variety of interactive challenges and games.

You will learn:

How to express yourself through Drama

·      Different ways of expressing ideas through speech and movement

·      Different ways of bringing scripts, poems and stories to life through acting out

How to perform to an audience

·      How to speak clearly

·      How to use movement expressively

How to be a good audience

·      Knowing what makes a play entertaining

·      Listening, predicting, enjoying

You will…

·      Work in pairs

·      Work in groups

·      Discuss

·      Make up plays

·      Read poems

·      Read scripts

·      Perform for your class

·      Watch others perform

·      Use masks

·      Move to music

·      Use stage lighting

·      Evaluate performances


GCSE Drama

Extra-curricular activities and clubs:

KS3 Drama Club

Doing well in this subject will help you:

The performance skills demonstrate your confidence and ability to work with others – a desirable set of skills for any employer. Drama is a useful qualification for working in film or TV, advertising or as a holiday rep.