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It is a requirement that all students who attend Broadlands Academy wear the stated uniform without variation. Students are encouraged to develop their individuality and self-confidence in many different ways throughout their time at Broadlands, but not from wearing variations to the uniform. Please see the below document for details of our uniform policy.

Broadlands Academy Uniform Policy

Year 7 students receive a free blazer and tie during the transition process from Year 6. Students who join the Academy in other year groups as an In-Year Admission are required to purchase a blazer and tie. These can be obtained at Sportscene at the costs shown below (all pricing is correct as of March 2017):


One size = £7.50


Size 28/29/30 = £29.99

Size 31/32/33/34/36 = £31.99

Size 38/40 = £32.99

42/44/46 = £34.99

Academy jumpers may be worn as an additional item underneath blazers but cannot be worn instead of blazers. 

Optional Jumper:

Size 11, 12 and 13 Age Years = £13.99

Size S-M = £15.99

Size L-XXL = £17.99

PE Kit
Please see below a list of the PE kit which was introduced in 2014. All new students to the Academy are required to wear the new Broadlands Academy Polo Shirt and navy bottoms (Tracksuit Bottoms, Skirt, Shorts, Skort). Students in older year groups should buy the new kit as they outgrow their old items.

All items are available to both boys and girls.

Sports Polo - Burgundy Body with Sky Blue Panels/White Piping - Unisex

Rugby Top - Reversible Burgundy with Sky Panels/White Piping and the Reverse Sky with White Piping - Unisex

Sweatshirt - 1/2 Zip with Collar Burgundy with Sky Panels/White Piping - Unisex

Socks - Burgundy with Sky Turnover
Navy Tracksuit Bottoms - Girls/Boys Styles

Navy Shorts - Boys/Girls Styles

Navy Skort - Girls 

Price list 
Unisex Polo = £11.99 - £13.99
Skort = £9.99 - £13.99
Jog Bottoms = £14.99 - £16.99
Unisex Polo = £13.99 - £14.99
Rugby Top = £19.99 - £24.99
Shorts = £7.99 - £10.99
Jog Bottoms = £14.99 - £16.99
Unisex 1/4 Zip Training Top = £19.99 - £22.99
Socks = £6.00 - £6.50

All items will be available to purchase at Sportscene, 25 Temple Street, Keynsham (Tel 01179 861919 / Mobile 07870 586756)
Email: sportscene-keynsham@hotmail.com

Items can also be purchased on-line by visiting www.sportscene-keynsham.co.uk

GCSE PE Polo Shirts will be ordered 3 times a year. At the start of terms 1, 3, and 5- your son/daughter must ask their PE teacher for a letter. 

Optional Protective Clothing

Experimental work in Science and practical work in Art can damage clothing. Such happenings are rare but appropriate protective clothing worn by students, supplied by themselves, may be worn. Further details are available from subject teachers.